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The New Implantmed SI-1015

Pioneer in Implant Surgey

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W&H has been selling the Implantmed surgical device since 2001: a high-quality device that offers dental implant specialists a greater safety, simple operation, a high degree of precision and flexible application options. The new generation of Implantmed introduced in September 2016 offers users both the tried-and-tested Implantmed functions and a unique system for assessing the stability of an implant, customizable features that can be retrofitted if required, a high-tech, intuitive user interface and an even more powerful motor.

The new W&H surgical device supports practitioners both with its precise performance of oral surgery procedures and with its efficient time management

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The high-tech colour touch screen and the logical and navigation make it easy to operate the device.


With the ability to assess implant stability and detailed documentation of implant insertion

Deciding the best time for loading an implant is becoming more and more complex when trying to take into account all key parameters and the patient’s risk factors. The optional W&H Osstell ISQ module for the new Implantmed makes assessing the success of the treatment safer and more reliable. While the Implantmed’s integrated automatic thread-cutter function and the torque control help the dentist during insertion of implants, the Osstell ISQ (Implant Stability Quotient) module now makes it easier to decide the optimum loading time for an implant. The stability value measured by the device helps improve the success rate and is a form of quality assurance.

Not only can this non-invasive measuring system be used determine the primary stability of implants, but it also can observe the osseointegration using secondary measurements and can be used to determine the optimum time for loading the implant. The ISQ value (ISQ scale of 1-100) is shown on the screen after taking the measurement and is easy to interpret thanks to numerous clinical trials. The W&H Osstell ISQ module is an optional extra and can also easily be retrofitted to the new Implantmed.

When the documentation function is enabled, all implant insertion values, such as defined device parameters, theimplant insertion curve, the Osstell ISQ measurement and basic data such as the documentation ID and tooth position, can be saved to a USB stick.


With the new user interface and redesigned pump

The new Implantmed’s user interface helps the dental practice team to streamline the treatment steps as they are simpler, take less time and are more efficient. The high-tech colour touch screen with the glass surface makes it easy to operate the device. The important information for the particular step of the procedure is clearly visible on the large screen. The logical and intuitively designed navigation system and the customizable program sequences allow the dental implant specialist to concentrate on the essentials. The Implantmed can be customized for up to six users, making it ideal for improved efficiency in group practices.

The redesigned coolant pump also helps make the surgical device especially easy to operate and prep times are even faster. The irrigation tubing can be inserted very easily, quickly and above all safely even under sterile conditions with the new design.


With the powerful motor and the straight and contra-angle surgical handpieces with LED+

Even difficult procedures can be performed with less effort, and great precision, thanks to a motor torque of 6.2 Ncm and a speed of 200 to 40,000 rpm. The new device also has the shortest surgical motor on the market. The ergonomically shaped and perfectly balanced combination of motor and W&H contra-angle handpiece allows the user to work for extended periods without fatigue affecting the hands.

In addition, the five new straight and contra-angle surgical handpieces with LED+ now fully illuminate the surgical site regardless of the motor speed. The high-quality stainless steel with its scratch-resistant coating mean that the surgical straight and contra-angle handpieces have a particularly long service life and are very sturdy.


Wireless foot control plus product features that can be customized and retrofitted

Flexibility is an important feature of the new Implantmed. In addition to optional features that can be selected at purchase and the W&H Osstell ISQ module, which can also be retrofitted, the new wireless foot control offers even greater flexibility and convenience. The Implantmed can also be operated easily and sterilely with the foot control as an alternative to the touch screen. The new wireless foot control can be used with multiple W&H devices, such as the Piezosurgical device -Piezomed, and can also be easily fitted to these devices at a later time. The wireless foot control can be placed anywhere in the work area for greater safety and convenience in the surgical environment..

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