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Piezomed Classic module SA-430 M (1.8 m handpiece cable)

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SKU WH090000349

New Piezomed module Piezomed Classic module SA-430 M (1.8 m handpiece cable)

• Modularity, plug and play module for all existing and new Implantmed plus, Ossoset 300 and Dentsply 1000 implant unit.
• Pre-set power setting
• Latest generation microprocessor-controlled ultrasonic technology
• Handpiece (non- LED) 1.8 m cable
• Support and stand
• Instrument changer
• 6 pcs. disposable irrigation tubes

Piezomed Plus module SA-435 M
Piezomed Classic module SA-430 M
Automatic Instrument Detection:
Instrument Library:
Wireless foot control:
Control unit cooling without case fan:
Osstell Beacon connection:
Control Implantmed and Piezomed functions with a single foot control:
ioDent system:
Software update via USB:
Implantmed & Piezomed in 1 device:
LED-compatible handpiece with thermo-disinfectable, sterilizable cable:

Pacemaker Reports:
Boost Function:
LED Light:
24 watts:
18 watts:
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