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WS-75 L G, Mini LED+ Implant placing handpiece

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WS-75 L G -Mini LED+, W&H 30032000

WS-75 LG Mini LED+ from W&H is the Latest generation of implant placing handpiece from the world's oldest handpiece manufacturer. The 20:1 contra-angle handpiece is designed for implant site preparation (drilling osteotomies) and placing the implant.

The handpiece comes equipped to offer both internal and external irrigation to ensure adequate cooling of the rotary instrument and surgical site, and requires contra-angle shank, latch type burs/drivers.

Unique in the industry, the LED light on this handpiece is powered by an independent generator, meaning that the light will shine regardless of the make and model of the E-type surgical motor used

Your Advantages at a glance:

 1. Rusted and Quality Implant Placing Handpiece from the world’s oldest handpiece manufacturer
2. LED light is powered by an independent generator built into the contra-angle, which means ideal LED illumination with any E-Type connection, including older generation W&H motors and even non-W&H motors.
3. W&H’s patented Self-Generating LED technology means no further set-up cost for LED illumination during implant surgery other than the purchase of this handpiece.
4. Natural reproduction of red tones
5. Integrated generator provides power for the self-generating LED
6. Longer life of LED light compared to conventional halogen bulbs
7. Fatigue-free working thanks to optimal ergonomics
8. Durable and robust due to high-quality stainless steel and scratch-resistant coating
9. Dismantleable for thorough cleaning Thermo washer disinfectable and sterilizable 

Key Features :

  1. The handpiece has speed decreasing feature of 20:1. It is completely dismantleable with a press button hexagon chucking system that is suitable for surgical burs and cutters.

  2. Thanks to it being half the size of a normal LED, the Mini LED+ can be integrated very close to the contra-angle head and offers optimal illumination.

  3. External irrigation spray (adjustable due to left or right focused spray clips) with internal irrigation system

  4. Kirschner/Meyer internal cooling system

  5. For surgical burs and cutters with contra-angled shank Ø 2.35 mm, (shank hardness >50 HRC, >520 HV)

  6. It allows a maximum drive speed 40,000 min-1

  7. 1 year warranty.


  1. Implant site preparation

  2. Driving the implant into the osteotomy


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" WS-75 L G, Mini LED+ Implant placing handpiece "

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