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S-11 LED Straight surgical handpiece

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S-11 LED, W&H 30057000

S-11 LED Straight Surgical Handpiece is a robust handpiece ideal for a wide range of surgical applications with a mini LED light for optimal illumination of the surgical site. The LED light on this handpiece is powered by an independent generator, meaning that the light will shine regardless of the make and model of the E-type surgical motor!
The LED Straight Surgical Handpiece is the preferred attachment for bone reduction/modelling as well as the industry standard for wisdom tooth surgery.
The handpiece is completely dismantlable, and features an adjustable, external, cooling spray system. Since the handpiece features a 1:1 speed ratio, the max speed most implant motors on the market, including W&H Implantmed, is 40,000 rpm's.

Key features:
1. The LED Straight Surgical Handpiece features a Mini LED light which provides an excellent lighting condition, and is particularly beneficial in the posterior region (during third molar extractions). Features of the LED light include:
    Independent power supply with integrated generator
    Longer life compared with conventional halogen bulbs
    Natural reproduction of red tones
2. This straight handpiece has speed feature of 1:1
3. It is completely dismantlable
4. Lever chuck system and 2.35 mm shank diameter is suitable for surgical burs and cutters (HP Shank) including Stryker bur system, L = max. 45 mm.
5. This rotating instrument has 40,000 rpm max. drive speed with W&H Implantmed and most surgical units on the market.
6. This rotating instrument has 50,000 rpm max. drive speed with W&H Elcomed
7. Adjustable External cooling spray system
8. 1 year warranty


1. Apical resection

2. Osteotomy
3. Sequestrotomy
4. Apical pressure relief
5. Osteosynthesis
6. Bone modelling
7. Bone smoothing

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