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Suction Tip Bone Trap

Box of 5 Sterile Suction Tips

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Suction Tip Bone Trap

 The suction tip with Bone trap is a complete aspiration system, in which the trap for autologous bone harvesting is directly mounted between the suction tip and aspiration tube. The bone trap is aimed at harvesting the autologous bone that was removed and is usually lost during the preparation of the implant sight by filtering aspirated material. This operation allows harvesting a quantity of material equal to the implant volume.

We recommend the use of a second aspiration tube during second surgical site preparation procedures so as not to contaminate the filtering net.

Disposable suction tips for surgical aspirators are made of medical grade plastic material. These suction tips ensure a targeted and safe aspiration during surgical operations.

An order of the suction tip with bone trap comes in a box of 5 sterile suction tips, and contains 1 autoclavable adapter. 

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" Suction Tip Bone Trap "

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