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W&H S-16 High Speed Oral Surgery Handpiece 1:2

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SKU WH30411000

W&H S-16 High-Speed Oral Surgery Handpiece is designed for third molar extractions and other high-speed oral surgery procedures. It is compatible with any surgical motor with an E-type connection. 
The handpiece is completely dismantlable and features an adjustable, external, cooling spray system. Since the handpiece features a 1:2 speed ratio, the speed with Implantmed and Elcomed doublesReference # 30411000

Key features: 

  1. This oral surgery handpiece has a speed feature of 1:2 ratio, the recommended max output speed with Implantmed and Elcomed is 80,000 RPM 
  2. It is completely dismantlable 
  3. Lever chuck system and 2.35 mm shank diameter is suitable for surgical burs and cutters 
  4. Uses 44.5mm HP burs 
  5. Adjustable external cooling spray system 
  6. 1-year manufacture warranty 

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