W&H Implantmed Classic Package (SI-915)
W&H Implantmed Classic excels by virtue of its ease of operation, powerful motor, and automatic thread cutter function.  The logically designed operating concept supports implantologists and ensures all programs can be set up easily, by pressing the buttons on...
W&H Implantmed Plus (SI-1015) (LATEST MODEL)
With the intuitive user interface, color touch screen and glass surface the new Implantmed offers you the highest levels of comfort. The drive unit is ideal for the purpose with its automatic thread cutter function,...
W&H Elcomed (SA-310)
Shortest and lightest motor with 50,000 rpm. Combined with a 1:2.7 speed increasing, it can go up to 135,000 RPM and reach up to 80 Ncm on rotary instrument. Elcomed is the jack of all...
W&H Piezomed Package (SA-320)
Minimally invasive, maximally effective – Piezomed is one of the most powerful Piezo Surgery Units in the market. Thanks to innovative ultrasonic technology, only bone substance is cut with high precision, and the surrounding soft tissue...
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Implant/Oral Surgery Units Price List

Name of Surgical Unit
W&H model #
Specific Comments Price
Implantmed Classic SI-923 Basic implant surgeries This unit comes with a WI-75 non dismantable implant handpiece. $4,910.00
Implantmed Plus SI-1015 Advanced implant surgeries (immediate load) and dent alveolar oral changes. This is a modular system. Osstell, Piezo modules can wireless foot control can be added to the basic unit any time. $4,360.00
Elcomed SA-310 Designed for oral surgeons, provides the highest torque for sectioning. This unit plus S-16 or S-12 high speed oral surgery handpieces provide the highest performance for dentoalveolar surgeries. $7,880.00