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Osstell Beacon

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The Osstell Beacon is an innovative and highly intuitive handheld device designed to assess dental implant stability using the Osstell ISQ and RFA technology.

  1. Determine Implant Stability in Seconds!
  2. Optimal ease of use and intuitive, color-coded ISQ measurements
  3. Cordless for Optimal transportability!
  4. Backed by 1,000+ studies that demonstrate the effectiveness of ISQ!
  5. 2-Year Warranty on the Instrument. 

Osstell Beacon package comes with:

  1. 1 Beacon Instrument
  2. 1 SmartPeg Mount
  3. 1 Osstell Key
  4. 1 TestPeg
  5. 1 Charging Cable

Key Features and Benefits:

It can help the clinician to decide when each implant of individual patient is ready to be restored both with temporary solutions as well as the final restoration. Ease of use:

  1. Makes dental implant treatments more predictable
  2. Improves patient confidence and comfort
  3. Assess osseointegration and determine implant stability
  4. Optimize restorative protocol: Know when to load – The Osstell ISQ technology can assist when determining the patient specific restorative protocol.
  5. Visualizations of stability and healing progress
  6. Easy-to -Use:  The Osstell Beacon makes the stability measurement very intuitive.
  7. Easy -to -Handle: Lightweight, and portable
  8. Easy -to - Understand:  Having the Osstell ISQ measurements presented also with a colored indication on the instrument, which is a result of the clinical evidence from using the Osstell ISQ scale, gives visual aid of the implant stability status.

How to Measure Implant Stability:


How it Works:

The Osstell Beacon uses Resonance Frequency Analysis (RFA) to determine implant stability and osseointegration. The result is presented as an ISQ value of 1–100. The higher the ISQ, the more stable the implant. The values and stability indications are based on scientific data.

The Osstell Beacon has built-in color-coded technology to provide the clinician with an easily visualization of the ISQ value.

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