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W&H Implantmed Plus (SI-1015)

Original price $4,870.00 - Original price $8,307.00
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$4,870.00 - $8,307.00
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SKU WH90000207

With the intuitive user interface, color touch screen and glass surface the new Implantmed Plus offers you the highest levels of comfort.

The Implantmed Plus drill unit provides the most extensive options for different oral and implant surgery procedures. You can purchase the basic model, also you can add the wireless foot pedal and osstell and piezo modules along with it.

This unit has 2 versions- LED and Non-LED. If you choose the LED version, use the L series of W&H handpieces. If you choose the non-LED version but wish to use LED lights then choose the LG version of W&H handpieces.

Reference # 90000207


Model W&H Implantmed Plus SI-1015
System Type: Modular - the following modules can be added to the unit: Piezomed Plus & Classic, Osstell ISQ, Osstell Beacon, S-NW Wireless Foot Pedal(Reference # 30264000)
Maximum Torque Produced by Motor: 6.2 Ncm torque (Suitable for Implant & Wisdom Teeth Surgery)
Speed Range: 200 - 40,000rpm
Foot Control Options: S-N2 (Default, Wired, Reference # 30285000)
S-NW (Optional, Wireless, Reference # 30264000)
Required Irrigation Tubing: W&H 2.2 meter (Reference # 04363600)
W&H 3.8 meter (Reference # 04364100)
Recommended Handpieces for non-LED Unit WS-75
WS-75 LG
S-11 LG
WS-91 LG
WS-92 LG
Recommended Handpieces for LED Unit WS-75 L
S-11 L


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