Aspiration Kit 8.67" With Omniasp Suction Tip And Bone Trap For Autologous Bone Harvesting
Ref. 32.F7077.00 Pcs/Box. 5 The Omniasp aspirator is a complete aspiration system where the trap for autologous bone harvesting is mounted between the Omniasp suction tip and the aspiration tube. By filtering aspirated material, the...
Ref. 22.U0007.00 Pcs/Box. 10 Omnisleeve is a sheath with cardboard inserter that enables the assistant to unroll the sheath without touching the tube to preserve sterility. The package includes the elastic bands.
Transparent Cover 15.76"X19.7" With Self-Adhesive Side For Physiodispenser Or Control Unit
Ref. 12.A3119.00 Pcs/Box. 20 This transparent cover with self-adhesive sides allows the clinician to keep the Physiodispenser or control unit sterile while still being able to change settings and monitor the indications on the display.
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