Vitality Suture CHROMIC GUT

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  • 12'' of additional length
  • Extra sharp needle

Chromic Gut Vitality Suture is designed for efficient and reliable soft tissue closure for all types of dental procedures. Suture sizes 3-0 and 4-0 are ideal to withstand the tension placed on them intra-orally and strong enough for easier knot tying with a needle holder than smaller diameter sutures


· Vitality Chromic gut keeps its strength for 10-14 days post-surgery.

· Very high knot-pull tensile strength,

· Good knot security due to special surface finish,

· Needle is silicone coated to minimize tissue trauma.

· Ultra thin point needle tip for smoother tissue penetration with minimum pressure needed.

· The needle diameter and suture thread have similar thickness to eliminate any drag from needed to the thread.

· Needles are made from very strong surgical grade stainless steel to keep the shape and minimizing the chances of breakage