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6/0 Polypropylene Sutures 30" 13mm 3/8 Reverse Cutting (12 pk.)

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Vitality 6-0 POLYPROPYLENE is a synthetic non-absorbable suture material. No plaque and bacteria adhesion to the suture which minimizes possibility of infection. Ideal suture for muccogingival surgery or any other procedure in the mouth which requires non-resorbable suture for extended period of time.


  1. Keeps its strength for an extended period of time post-surgery.
  2. Very high knot-pull tensile strength.
  3. Good knot security due to special surface finish.
  4. Needle is silicone coated to minimize tissue trauma.
  5. Ultra-thin point needle tip for smoother tissue penetration with minimum pressure needed.
  6. The needle diameter and suture thread have a similar thickness to eliminate any drag needed to the thread.
  7. Needles are made from very strong surgical grade stainless steel to keep the shape and minimizing the chances of breakage.

Clinical applications:

Muccoginigival surgeries, Guided Bone regeneration (GBR), Connective tissue graft, Free gingival graft.

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  3. FREE shipping is not available for Hawaii and Puerto Rico.
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