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W&H Elcomed (SA-310)

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Elcomed is the jack of all trades for all of your Implantology as well as Oral Surgery Needs. It is the most powerful oral surgery unit in the market for wisdom teeth surgery. This drill unit can be used for all kinds of implant surgeries too.

Reference # 015933102

Package of Elcomed Drill Unit includes:
1. Control unit (Elcomed console)
2. Foot control S-N1
3. Motor with 1.8 or 3.5 m cable and clips
4. Irrigation Fluid Stand

Model W&H Elcomed SA-310 (Suitable for Implant & Wisdom Teeth Surgery)
Maximum Torque Produced by Motor: 7 Ncm. (Most powerful oral surgery unit for wisdom teeth surgery)
Speed Range: 300 - 50,000rpm (Safety stop at 40,000 rpm)
Required Irrigation Tubing: W&H 2.2 meter (Reference # 04363600)
W&H 3.8 meter (Reference # 04364100)
Foot Control Options: Included: S-N1 (Wired, Reference # 06202400)
Supports: S-NW (Wireless, Reference # 30264001, Sold Seperately)
Cable Lengths: 1.8 meters (standard)
3.5 meters (extra long)
Recommended Handpieces WS-75
WS-75 LG
S-11 LG
WS-91 LG
WS-92 LG


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