PTFE Sutures 6/0

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PTFE Sutures 6/0

PTFE sutures are ideal for any implant, periodontal or bone graft surgery where the usage of a monofilament suture with low bacterial adhesion is recommended. PTFE sutures are soft, biologically inert and chemically non reactive. Compared to other monofilament synthetic sutures, this material is highly tolerated in the oral cavity.

Further, PTFE sutures are ideal to limit inflammation, bleeding and other collateral effects which may occur during the soft tissue approximation.

1. Resistant
2. Great fluency among the tissues
3. Excellent biocompatibility
4. Biologically inert so to contain inflammation along the suturing borders
5. Monofilament
6. Comfortable and soft for the patient


The HS needle is also known as “triangular” needle, since it has cutting edges on the sides and outer curve. Due to its cutting edges, this needle easily penetrates tissues and is suitable for almost all uses. It provides an excellent penetration capacity and great solidity, and is fit for sutures with periosteum incision and in case of thick mucosa.

The HRT needle has a quadrangular pyramid-shaped point and a round body. This particular shape allows any easy penetration of soft tissues without causing lacerations, and preventing the needle from rotating in the needle-holder.This needle is appreciated and suitable for oral surgery.