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W&H S-12 High Speed Oral Surgery Handpiece 1:2

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SKU WH30061000

W&H S-12 High-Speed Oral Surgery Handpiece is designed for third molar extractions and other high speed oral surgery procedures. It is compatible with any surgical motor with E-type connection. 

The handpiece is completely dismantlable, and features an adjustable, external, cooling spray system. Since the handpiece features a 1:2 speed ratio, the speed with Implantmed and Elcomed doubles. Reference # 30061000

Key features: 

  1. W&H S-12 oral surgery handpiece has speed feature of 1:2 ratio, the recommended max output speed with Implantmed and Elcomed is 80,000 RPM
  2. W&H S-12 is completely dismantlable 
  3. Lever chuck system and 2.35 mm shank diameter is suitable for surgical burs and cutters
  4. Uses 65mm HPL burs 
  5. Adjustable external cooling spray system
  6. 1 year manufacture warranty 

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