W&H WS-75 LG Mini LED+ Contra-angle Implant Handpiece 20:1

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W&H WS-75 L G Mini LED+ Contra-angle Implant Handpiece is compatible with any implant motor with E-type connection.

WS-75 L G Mini LED+ Contra-angle Implant Handpiece is the most popular W&H implant handpiece with self-generating LED. It is designed to be dismantled for cleaning and maintenance. This will reduce the brokage time and extend the life span of the handpiece. The LED light will provide you a better sight at the depth marking of the drills. The generator is built in the handpiece so no fiber optic connection is required. WS-75 LG Mini LED+ handpiece is highly recommended by Global Dental Shop team for implant surgeries. Reference # 30032000

Key features:

  1. The handpiece has speed decreasing feature of 20:1
  2. Dismantlable
  3. Self-generating LED light
  4. External irrigation with push button hexagon chucking system
  5. For latch type surgical burs and cutters with contra-angled shank Ø 2.35 mm
  6. Kirschner/Meyer internal irrigation cooling system option
  7. 1 year manufacture warranty

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