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What Are Chromic Gut Sutures? How are they used in Oral Surgery?

When it comes to wound closure in oral surgery, the choice of sutures plays a crucial role in ensuring a successful and comfortable recovery for patients. One suture material that has gained significant recognition in the field is Chromic Gut Suture

Clinical Applications

Chromic Gut Sutures are a reliable choice for wound closure in oral surgery due to their exceptional properties, including long-lasting strength, knot security, and tissue-friendly characteristics. Whether you're performing wisdom teeth extractions or dental implant surgeries, these sutures are designed to support successful outcomes. And with convenient shipping options and our Auto-Ship service, we strive to make the suturing process as seamless as possible for oral surgeons like you.

Vitality™ Premium Sutures

Vitality™ Chromic Gut Sutures, are particularly well-suited for wisdom teeth extractions and dental implant surgeries. The combination of strength, knot security, and tissue-friendly properties makes them an ideal choice for these critical procedures. In this blog post, we'll delve into the properties and clinical applications of Vitality™ Chromic Gut Sutures and explore why they are a trusted choice for oral surgeons.

chromic gut infographic

Auto-Ship Service for Added Convenience (Receive a Discount for Auto-Shipping)

We know that managing your inventory can be a hassle. That's why we offer our Auto-Ship service, allowing you to set the quantity and schedule of your suture shipments. You can easily change or cancel your auto-ship at any time without any obligations, saving you time and ensuring you always have the sutures you need when you need them.


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