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Maximizing Results in Socket Preservation: An Oral Surgeon's Roadmap

One of the most critical aspects of dental implant procedures is ensuring the preservation of the socket. The success of an implant largely depends on the state of the extraction socket and the surrounding bone. 

socket preservation decision tree

Step 1: Determine the Extent of Bone Grafting Needed

The first step in the Socket Preservation Decision Tree is assessing the extraction socket. If extensive bone grafting is necessary to ensure a stable foundation for an implant, do not place an implant at this stage. Instead, proceed with Guided Bone Regeneration (GBR) using Vitality™ Bone Cortical Cancellous Allograft Bone Graft Material. 

Vitality™ Bone Cortical Cancellous Allograft Bone Graft Material is an effective way to build up the bone structure, ensuring a stable and supportive environment for future implant placement.

Step 2: Assess Primary Stability

If extensive bone grafting is not required, the next step is to assess the primary stability of the implant. Primary stability is essential for the long-term success of dental implants. It is measured in Newton Centimeters (NCM) and typically requires a minimum of 30 NCM to proceed with implant placement.

If there is 30 NCM or more of primary stability, you can move forward with the implant placement. It is important to note that in some cases, additional grafting might still be necessary to ensure a secure fit between the implant and the surrounding bone. This may involve grafting the space between the implant and the adjacent bone structure.

Step 3: Socket Preservation with Vitality™ Bone CC

If the assessment reveals that primary stability is not achieved, perform socket preservation using Vitality™ Bone Cortical Cancellous Allograft Bone Graft Material.

Socket preservation helps to maintain the socket's shape and volume, preventing bone loss and facilitating future implant placement when conditions are more favorable. Vitality™ Bone is an excellent choice for this procedure, as it promotes bone growth and healing while preserving the socket's integrity.

vitality bone box


Important Note: 

Remember that each case is unique, and a thorough assessment of the patient's specific needs is essential. With the right approach and the use of Vitality™ Bone CC for bone grafting and socket preservation, dentists and oral surgeons can provide their patients with a strong foundation for successful dental implant procedures.



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