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Buccal Plate Assessment in Immediate Implant Placement: A Critical Factor for Success

Among the crucial decisions oral surgeons and implantologists face is whether to opt for immediate implant placement or to consider socket preservation in the esthetic zone. This decision hinges on whether the baccal plate is lost or intact. 

baccal plate assessment decision tree


1. Buccal Plate is Lost: Socket Preservation in Esthetic Zone

When the buccal plate is lost, it typically indicates a more complex scenario, and immediate implant placement may not be the best choice. Instead, the course of action involves socket preservation. Here are the key steps in this scenario:

Vitality Cortical Cancellous Allograft Bone Graft: To rebuild the lost bone structure, a specialized bone graft material like Vitality CC Bone is used. This promotes healing and regenerates the bone.

Collagen Membrane: A collagen membrane is placed over the graft site. This membrane acts as a barrier, protecting the graft material and providing an environment conducive to tissue regeneration.

Ice Cream Cone Technique: The innovative ice cream cone technique is employed to secure the graft material in place during healing, creating an optimal environment for future implant placement.

Healing Time: Following socket preservation, a period of healing is necessary to allow for the regeneration of bone and soft tissues. This healing phase may take several months.

2. Buccal Plate is Intact, No Periapical Lesion: Immediate Implant Placement

When the buccal plate is intact, and there are no periapical lesions in the socket, immediate implant placement becomes a viable and efficient option. The course of action in this scenario includes:

Immediate Implant Placement: The dental implant is placed directly into the socket, utilizing the intact buccal plate for support.

Vitality Cortical Cancellous Bone Graft: Even in cases of immediate implant placement, a Vitality CC Bone graft may be used to fill any gaps between the implant and the socket. This encourages bone growth and stability.

Efficiency and Reduced Healing Time: Immediate implant placement streamlines the treatment process, potentially reducing the number of appointments and overall healing time.

The Importance of High Quality Bone Graft Materials:

The choice of high-quality bone graft materials is paramount in ensuring the success of socket preservation and immediate implant placement procedures. These materials promote effective bone regeneration, providing a stable foundation for implants. Additionally, they enhance the overall healing process and contribute to the long-term esthetic and functional outcomes of dental implant treatment. Using top-tier bone graft materials is a crucial step in achieving the best possible results for patients seeking smile restoration and improved oral health.

vitality cortical cancellous allograft bone graft material for oral surgery


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