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Vertical Bone Augmentation: An Oral Surgeon's Strategic Decision Tree

When it comes to oral surgery and dental implant procedures, vertical bone augmentation is often a critical step in achieving successful outcomes. The decision on how to approach this augmentation process depends on the height of bone that needs to be regenerated, and it's a choice that can significantly impact the overall success of the procedure.

 vertical bone augmentation decision tree

When the Vertical Height is Less than or Equal to 3mm:

Vitality Cortical Cancellous Bone and Resorbable Collagen Membrane

In cases where the vertical height of the bone to be regenerated is three millimeters or less, a combination of Vitality Cortical Cancellous Bone and a long-lasting resorbable collagen membrane is the recommended approach.

Vitality Cortical Cancellous Bone: This allograft bone matrix offers excellent handling characteristics and is a reliable choice for bone augmentation procedures. It provides structural support and is particularly effective in situations with limited bone height.

Resorbable Collagen Membrane: Utilizing a long-lasting resorbable collagen membrane helps to create a barrier that separates the bone graft material from the overlying soft tissue. This not only aids in maintaining the space for bone regeneration but also encourages proper healing.

When the Vertical Height is Greater than 3mm:

Titanium Reinforced PTFE Membrane with Vitality Cortical Cancellous Bone

For more extensive vertical bone augmentation, typically when the required height is greater than three millimeters, use a titanium reinforced PTFE membrane in conjunction with Vitality Cortical Cancellous Bone is the preferred approach.

Titanium Reinforced PTFE Membrane: This non-resorbable membrane provides essential support and stability to the graft material. 

Vitality Cortical Cancellous Bone: As mentioned earlier, this allograft bone matrix is versatile and well-suited for larger vertical augmentation procedures. Additionally, it is highly recommended to mix Vitality Bone with either recombinant rh-PDGF or PRF (Platelet-Rich Fibrin) to enhance the regenerative potential. These growth factors can significantly improve bone formation and healing in the augmented area.

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