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Dental Allograft Bone Graft Material On Sale (Auto-Delivery)

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In 2023, many dental offices are still manually ordering all of their dental bone graft material by hand - sometimes at the last minute before important surgeries. This can lead to:

    • Inaccuracies: Keeping track of inventory manually can be prone to human errors.
    • Inadequate Bone Graft Supply in Times of Need: Forgetting to order or not ordering enough bone graft material on a consistent basis can spell disaster for your dentists, surgeons, and patients! 
    • Extra Work For YouManual inventory management places a constant burden on dental office staff to ensure that essential supplies are always available.
    • Time-Consuming: Manual inventory management is a labor-intensive process. It requires staff to regularly check stock levels, place orders, and reconcile records, diverting their time and energy from more critical tasks.

Ensuring that your practice is well-equipped with bone graft material can be a daunting task. Streamline your dental office operations with AUTOMATIC monthly delivery of  Vitality™ allograft bone graft material.

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What are the advantages of Vitality™ automatic bone graft delivery? 

  • No Need To Constantly Monitor Bone Graft Supply - Focus On Your Patients Instead 

  • Consistent 1 Month, 2 Month, or 3 Month Deliveries (Never Run Out of Bone Graft)

  • 20% Discount - Save Thousands on Bone Graft Over Time! 

  • Reduce Errors - Set Your Desired Quantity and Change It At Your Convenience

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