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W&H Irrigation Tubing with Luer-Lock (PACK OF 10)

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Pack of 10, Compatible with W&H:

              Implantmed SI-915;
              Elcomed SA-310;
              Piezomed SA-320;
              Osseoset 200 and other W&H models.

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              W&H REF: 00929300

              W&H disposable irrigation tubing comes in a box of 10 individually wrapped, sterile, pieces of tubing compatible with the W&H Implantmed classic, Elcomed, and Piezomed surgical consoles. This particular item is the irrigation tubing with luer-lock. It needs to be assembled with the pump tubing, spike, and roller clamp to be a complete irrigation tubing set.

              Why use W&H Irrigation tubing

              Appropriate irrigation during the creation of the implant site is a fundamental element for the necessary osseointegration of an implant, and consequently, for the successful outcome of the operation. For this reason, the surgical bur needs to be properly cooled. While external

              irrigation ensures a direct cooling of the bone surface, internal irrigation avoids overheating of the surgical bur due to friction.

              The 2.2m length tubing fits the W&H Implantmed classic (SI-915), Elcomed (SA-310), and Piezomed (SA-320) surgical consoles with the 1.8m length cable. Lines are only for one-time use, in accordance with infection control guidelines.